Dryeast233Yeast, is used for centuries for the production of food, feed and beverage. The global yeast market is dominated by baker’s yeast. Growing market for bakery products, beer, wine, animal feed, and bio-ethanol is expected to be the major driver for the global yeast market.  High nutritional value, health benefits, salt replacing properties of yeast may open up new opportunities in the yeast market.

Competition for raw material is the key limit for yeast market in Europe and North America. Increased competition for global yeast market players from Chinese yeast players is growing Asia-Pacific market.

As there is strong competition for basic yeast material, major yeast players launched special divisions to take care of the general motivation within the market and use the nutritional and functional properties of yeast.

The yeast industry has not yet faced a negative growth rate and upcoming projections are positive for all forms of yeast and yeast derivatives. With the current market potential and growth, market is likely to witness a shift in the methods and modifications of yeast applications.

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